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Art Works in STEEL
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STEEL 298 Artworks

It is a material in which the iron is predominant and which content in carbon is generally lower than 2 % and contains other elements as the phosphorus and the sulphur. Though a limited number of steels can have contents in carbon superior to 2 % this one is the habitual limit that separates the steel of the smelting.
The steel is an iron descarburado, with a proportion of carbon lower than 1.8 % who can acquire other properties by means of thermal or mechanical treatments.

Joe Pogan is a sculptor who takes advantage of any piece of steel that comes to his hands to give him life to his works.

The steel cut it is a type of steel that is made by a chemical composition that makes possible that his oxidation remains more protected before the atmospheric corrosion, for this reason, many artists use it as one of the materials more adapted to expose his work in the open air. Also there is valued his characteristic reddish orange color, which is the result of a high place contained in copper, chrome and nickel. Between the numerous sculptors who have used it Eduardo Chillida, Richard Serra or Paul Picasso are

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