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It is a type of compact rock formed from limy rocks that, submitted to high temperatures and pressures, reach a high degree of crystallization. The basic component of the marble is the calcic carbonate, which content overcomes 90 %, other components are considered to be impurities, being these those who give us great variety of colors in the mármoles, and define his physical characteristics. After a process of polished for graze the marble reaches high level of natural sheen.

The marble is a metamorphic limestone, of thin and compact grain. His treatment of the surface can be very varied, obtaining different textures, as smoothness, softness, roughness, etc. Being a lasting enough material was one of preferred by the big artists of the Antiquity and the renaissance. The white marble was imposed from the classic epoch, since with the good polished one it can reach a translucent aspect and with a great brilliancy and for being a stone that does not present big fissures, for what the sculptor can esculpir with full freedom.

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