Perfection is no small thing, but is made of small things.
Michelangelo Buonarroti
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Pointillism is a style of painting. Pointillism is introduced in the bathroom of the Independents of 1884, led by the Neo-Impressionist painter Georges Seurat and Paul Signac counting among his most loyal supporters such as Henri-Edmond Cross and Vlaho Bukovac. This movement within the coordinates of Post-Impressionism, also part of the image of nature, ie the same reason as the Impressionists, but they are a physical and physiological laws very certain that characterize the essence of painting. Its food for thought will be, above all, the writings of Charles Blanc and a more radical impressionists, Chevreul's scientific treatises, Sutter, Rood et al. Thanks to them, Pointillism was open before them a field in which his task was to be the methodical application of knowledge and the reconciliation of the rigid principles of drawing the optical principles sensed by the great colorists. The logical mind and reflective of the painters called for the reduction of the instinct for order, the impulse to the calculation, thus reducing the essential, not only the issues of modern life or landscape, but also the impressionist method of presentation.

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