Perfection is no small thing, but is made of small things.
Michelangelo Buonarroti
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The photography is the science and the art of obtaining lasting images for the action of the light. It is the process of capturing images and to fix them in a material way sensitive to the light. Being based on the beginning of the dark chamber, there is projected an image caught by a small hole on a surface, in such a way that the size of the image remains limited. To capture and to store this image, the cameras were using until a few years ago a sensitive movie, whereas at present, in the digital photography, there are used, generally, sensors CCD and CMOS and digital memories.

The photography is a technology that has been perfected and that has been changing very much across the years. Initially the photographies were in black and white and many years later achieved the color, as in his beginnings few photos could be done without knowing the final result until tape-worms in the hand and now you can make many photos and see the result to the instant and even then you can modify them digitalmente.

The photo a few times uses as informative document and others as instrument of denunciation but also it is a good weapon to sell. The photography has stopped being only plasmación of the reality to turn into an artistic expression

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